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The Real Chase HQ… almost


Not every day that videogames enter into real life… saw this in the car park at work the other day and was instantly reminded of Taito’s classic Special Criminal Investigation: Chase HQ 2 (or SCI as it’s often referred to). Ahhh, good times!

For those not familiar with the game, or the car, Chase HQ 2 dispensed with the Porsche 928 from the first game, and instead placed you in a red Nissan 300ZX Z32, just like the car in the photo above. A rare sight in the UK, the car featured is a 1990 model, a year younger than the 1989 Taito game it’s featured in (the Nissan 300ZX Z32 was only just launching at the time of SCI’s arcade release). Just need to find myself a partner, and go chase down some perps…

Let’s go Mr Driver!!