Neo•Geo CD Catalogs

During the 1990s SNK Japan regularly released catalogs (or brochures) advertising the latest games hitting arcades for the MVS, and hitting stores for the AES. When the Neo•Geo CD went on sale in 1994 this practice continued.

For a while the NGCD got its own dedicated catalogs, but by 1997, with new games for the format falling, SNK would push out brochures that not only featured the latest games for AES and CD in one pamphlet, but would also include releases for the PlayStation, Saturn, and later, the Dreamcast.

The following are all original SNK Japan pamphlets relating to the Neo•Geo CD software library between 1994 and 1999.

Neo•Geo CD Catalog from 1994 – this could often be found included with Neo•Geo CD consoles.
An update to the above catalog, this was published in 1995
In 1995 SNK produced this large catalog which also promoted the new “top loader” CD model
1995 Software Catalog
Occasionally SNK would publish “seasonal” brochures. This one is from 1995.
Catalog from 1996
This catalog from 1997 now sees all SNK’s new releases rolled into one brochure
The 1998 SNK software catalog
A catalog from Summer ’98
Third party publisher ADK also produced their own catalogs – this one is from 1994
An updated edition of above from 1995