I’ve had a big soft spot for the Neo•Geo CD since I first bought one in the late ’90s – a second-hand unit from Tottenham Court Road Computer Exchange (aka CEX) in Rathbone Place, London.

So, I thought I would show some love the console that often falls in the shadow of the Neo•Geo AES and MVS systems.

There’s plenty of coverage out there for the AES and MVS, but little objective coverage of the CD based Neo•Geo, so hopefully this site will slowly address this.

I have chosen to focus the site almost entirely on the Japanese Neo•Geo CD market – this is where the vast majority of support for the system lay back in the 90s (which is probably an understatement!), and is the region I’ve always been interested in.

The Western market for Neo•Geo CD was not well supported, with many games, and much of the hardware, not being made available outside of Japan. I will make references to the Western market from time-to-time, but if your interest lies in “English” releases, this site may not be for you.

Any suggestions for future Neo•Geo CD related posts are more than welcome!

Overall, please remember that these  are the ramblings of a fortysomething gamer who probably should be doing better things with his time than writing blogs… or playing videogames for that matter.


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