Neo•Geo Magazines

Nearly every major games console, or home computer system, has had a magazine dedicated to it at one time or another, and the Neo•Geo was certainly no different. However, for the first four years of its life, SNK’s only home console, the AES, had to settle with its coverage mainly being picked up by multi-format magazines. This changed with the release of the Neo•Geo CD, with publishers perhaps sensing that the lower price point games would mean there would be more of a market to cover. A number of magazines launched in Japan in late ’94, and into ’95, hoping to cash in on the expected surge in popularity of SNK home hardware, but it didn’t really happen, and with the exception of Neo•Geo Freak, most were discontinued after a few issues.
Below are some of these Neo•Geo magazines, most of which were predominantly focused on the NGCD at the time of their launch:

Neo•Geo World
Soft Bank’s Neo•Geo World ran for three issues across 1995 before being cancelled. Neo•Geo World was of a high quality, with content not too far removed from what Neo•Geo Freak would provide, but with a heavy emphasis on the NGCD hardware and software.

Neo•Geo World

Famitsu Neo•Geo Specials

Between mid-1995 and early 1996 Famitsu magazine published three Neo•Geo specials focusing on SNK’s hardware and games, but with a heavy slant toward the NGCD.

Famitsu’s Neo•Geo Specials

Dengeki Neo•Geo

In December of 1994 the publishers of Dengeki PC Engine magazine released this one-off Neo•Geo special that focused heavily on the NGCD, but also had features on the latest MVS and AES activity, as well as a really good article on the three Osaka Neo•Geo Land locations.

Dengeki Neo•Geo

Neo•Geo Special

The publishers of MSX Fan released this one-off “Neo•Geo Special” magazine in September 1994 to coincide with the launch of the Neo•Geo CD.

MSX Fan’s Neo•Geo Special

Neo•Geo Freak

Neo•Geo Freak ran for 67 issues between 1995 and 2000 before being discontinued. The Neo•Geo CD logo featured prominantly on the front cover of the magazine for much of that time, but was dropped in mid-1998 as new releases began to dry up.

The December 2000 and final edition of Neo•Geo Freak