Neo•Geo CD Collectibles


Over the years, I have been steadily acquiring many of the promotional items that SNK Japan released to retailers, and consumers, to support the sales of the Neo•Geo CD system.

The pages in this section will showcase what I have been able to collect to date. It is by no means a definitive collection of every promotional item ever produced by SNK during the NGCD system’s lifetime (1994 – 1999), but you will find an archive of flyers, posters, phone cards and other items that I hope you find interesting.

Please remember that the content featured only relates to what SNK Japan released and endorsed, and no unofficial items, or those officially produced by SNK for other Asian or Western markets is included in these pages.

These items are displayed here as part of the Neo•Geo CD-J preservation project and hopefully will provide a good reference for others that are seeking out Neo•Geo collectibles.

None of the items featured are for sale, so please do not message regarding the same, thank you.